Utah Championship Volunteer Registration

June 22nd - 28th, 2020
Oakridge Country Club

An official tournament volunteer uniform is required for all positions, which consists of a golf shirt and a ball cap or visor. Volunteers are requested to wear tan slacks, appropriate shirts and shoes.

Each volunteer will receive the following:

- Official tournament golf shirt

- Official Tournament ball cap or visor

- Volunteer meal each day worked

- 2 Weekly Grounds Tickets

- Volunteer Badge - Admits Volunteer all week

- Volunteer Appreciation Party

- Volunteer Golf Outing at Oakridge Country Club at a later date (Must work 2+ shifts)
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Age: You must be at least 15 years of age to be considered for a volunteer position at the tournament. Some positions require
21 years of age. If under the age of 18, you must have parental or guardian consent.

Transportation/Accommodation: Volunteers involved in the tournament understand that transportation and accommodation
will not be provided by the tournament.

Shift Hours: Volunteer duties are applicable before, during and after the tournament. You will be notified of the shifts (service
hours) that you will be required to complete. You will also be notified to whom to report. You may be required to attend
scheduled trainings and briefings (if any). You will be informed of the location and time of any training(s) and briefing(s) well in

Dress code: As a volunteer you will receive a uniform (consisting of a volunteer shirt and a hat) and a volunteer credential,
which are to be worn at all times during your shift. Your uniform and credential are NOT transferable and, if lost, will not be replaced. You will be responsible for the maintenance, cleanliness and laundry of your own volunteer clothing. Men must wear khaki pants or shorts with their uniform during tournament week. Women must wear khaki pants, skirts, capris, or knee length shorts with their uniform. Sandals and traditional spikes are not permitted.

Safety: We take pride in observing high standards of safety throughout the tournament. We endeavor to provide you with the
safest volunteering conditions possible. As a member of the volunteer team, we ask you to comply with all safety requirements
associated with your volunteer position and support related policies and procedures. Please follow the Tournament staff's
instructions with respect and safety at all times. Volunteers should communicate any and all problems, conflicts or suggestions (safety or otherwise) to Tournament staff.

Eligibility: Volunteers are subject to verification or eligibility by background and/or reference checks at the option of PGA
TOUR. You will not be eligible to volunteer in the future or may be dismissed during the tournament week for (but not limited
to) the following:
➢ Consumption/being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on duty
➢ Theft
➢ Insubordination, abuse or mistreatment of players, fans, tournament staff, visitors, guests or other volunteers
➢ Failure to abide by tournament policies and procedures
➢ Failure to complete your shift(s) as directed by your Vice or Committee Chairman
➢ Seeking autographs outside of the designated autograph area
➢ Entering restricted areas without proper credentials
➢ Cancelling without returning items ordered/purchase as part of the volunteer program
➢ Not being punctual and/or leaving your post unattended
Dismissal will NOT entitle any volunteer to a refund of the payment for the Volunteer Package. PGA TOUR reserves the right to
accept or reject applications in its sole discretion.

Use of Trademarks: Volunteers may not use the tournament name of logo, website content, written agreement or any
material and publication that carry the tournament marks in any way without the written permission of PGA TOUR.

Volunteer Credential Terms: You grant permission to PGA TOUR to utilize your image or likeness incidental to any live or
recorded television or other transmission or reproduction in whole or in part of the tournament. You agree not to transmit or
facilitate transmission of any account, description, picture, or reproduction of the tournament, including, without limitation,scoring-related data, without the specific advance written permission of the PGA TOUR. Soliciting autographs from tournament players with intent to sell is prohibited. You agree that you shall not seek autographs of players in order to sell such autographs, and you shall not pay another person to obtain an autograph for you. For security purposes, no bags larger than six inches will be permitted onto the golf course, including purses, chair bags, and camera cases. You hereby consent to the reasonable inspection of your person and property before entering the tournament, which inspection may include, without
limitation, metal detection. No food, coolers, ladders, signs, banners, radios, televisions, firearms, explosive devices, etc. will be permitted on the grounds. All mobile devises, PDAs, and pagers must be on silent or vibrate and must be used in accordance with the posted Mobile Device Policy. NO cameras or camcorders are allowed during tournament rounds, No alcoholic
beverages may be brought onto or taken from the grounds of the tournament. You agree to abide by all rules and regulations
established by the PGA TOUR and the tournament, and a violation of such rules and regulations, including failure to appear for
a scheduled volunteer shift, can be cause for termination of the licensed granted herein forfeiture of the volunteer credential and your removal from the tournament. You should comply with the PGA TOUR golf cart policy. The volunteer credential cannot be used in a promotion or offered as a prize without permission from PGA TOUR. Resale of the volunteer credential is not permitted. It is unlawful to reproduce the volunteer credential. PGA TOUR reserves the right to revoke this credential and cancel all privileges connected therein.

INTEGRITY PROGRAM: The PGA TOUR Integrity Program is intended to maintain integrity and prevent betting-related
corruption in PGA TOUR competitions. Each volunteer is subject to the terms of the PGA TOUR Integrity Program Manual (the
“Integrity Program Manual”). The Integrity Program Manual, among other things: prohibits volunteers from betting on the
Tournament and providing inside information to third parties for purposes of betting on the Tournament; and requires
volunteers to report any violations of the Integrity Program Manual to the TOUR. A violation of the Integrity Program may
result in dismissal from volunteering for the Tournament, among other consequences.

In connection with my activities as a volunteer at the tournament, I agree and understand that my presence at the tournament
and any volunteer work or services performed by me for the tournament, the facility, the Utah Sports Commission, the State of
Utah, PGA TOUR, its affiliates and subsidiaries and their respective officers, directors, agents, members, employees and officials as well as any other volunteer (collectively, "Indemnified Parties") may expose me to unknown and unanticipated risks of harm or injury. In consideration of and as a prerequisite to my participation as a volunteer, I acknowledge that such risks exist,assume all such risks, and release and discharge the Indemnified Parties from any and all claims for liability for personal injury(including death) or property damage that I may suffer while performing such volunteer work or service, whether or not on the premises of the facility, including, without limitation, any claim arising out of any condition of the premises owned by the facility or used by the PGA TOUR for, or conduct or any person during preparation, supervision or conduct of, the tournament or any practice round or activity related to it. I further understand that the Indemnified Parties will not maintain insurance to cover me for personal injury, property damage or medical expenses, and I accept full responsibility for the costs of treatment for any injury or damages suffered by me while volunteering with the tournament. I have read this release before signing it and agree to be bound by its terms in consideration for volunteering.